TUNE-UP and Cleaning

TUNE-UP and Cleaning Minimize

Doesn’t it always seem as if the tools we use the most rarely get attention unless they stop working.? As in all of your home appliances, to receive the greatest benefits and ease of operation your central vacuum system should be working at 100% efficiency. Allow Diversified Systems to perform a vacuum system “tune-up” to assure this is the case.

Call or Contact us today to have your complete central cleaning system tested by a trained technician to determine its efficiency and cleaned from the inside out, resulting in like new performance.


    You Receive:
  • Check of Canister Motor
  • Check of Relays
  • Check of All Inlet Valves for proper sealing
  • Test of Inlet Suction Capacity
  • Cleaning of Internal Tubing removing dirt and grime.
  • Inspect Secondary Filter
  • Inspection and de-clog turbine on carpet tool
  • Inspect Brush Tool Condition
  • Inspect Wand Tool Condition
  • Inspect Floor Tool Attachment Tools
  • Receive complete report on the status of your system with service and repair quotes provided for your immediate approval.
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