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How you access your music and where your music comes from determines how you enjoy your music. Diversified Systems wants you to take full control over your home music enjoyment. Clear and easy to navigate remote controls or touch screen panels allow you to access your entire music library, whether stored on a remote music server or CD changer. If you subscribe to satellite radio or on-line music service, you have complete control over the music heard throughout your home.

Depending on the system you select, you can control all your rooms from one location with different music fed to different rooms. Whether your home is prewired for audio or not, whether you have speakers already installed or not, Diversified has a system that’s just right for you to take control over your listening enjoyment. Call or Contact us today to find out how!



Multi Room Music Systems

gives you the ultimate in listening power
with the ability to choose from six different sound
sources, delivering music to up to eight different
listening zones in the home.

BOSE provides up 16
different listening
zones while adding
surround sound to
your favorite viewing


SONOS gives the flexibility to
add music to any room in your
house without limitation. Gain
instant wireless control from
anywhere to your music

COLORADO v NET with a simple touch of the screen provides audio source  selection and control, as well as volume control, party mode, mute operation, access to the 5-band graphic equalizer for creating that ultimate sound, speaker balance, sleep timer, LCD contrast, brightness, and other personalized display settings.

You can also control whole-house lighting, climate, security, and CCTV cameras. That's what we call complete integrated home control.

Provide the control to select your
music zone, your music source
and your favorite song...from your
favorite chair.


  • Wired or wireless controls.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Control over multiple zones.
  • Control over multiple sources.
  • Can be used with existing equipment
  • Add satellite radio.
  • Add On-line music services.
  • Add music server.
  • Connects to your current music sources.
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