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Multi room music distribution has become as expected by today’s homeowners as running water. Neatly installed and unobtrusive wall and ceiling speakers are nearly invisible. Whole home centralized audio that pipes music into selected rooms can be designed in several ways. The simplest and least costly systems simply provide speakers in each selected room with a amplifier and a single music source. This of course only allows for the same music source to be distributed throughout the home. Advanced options allow for different music material to be directed to individually selected rooms or zones. This provides the ability to listen to different music and have individual control of each room.

Pending the needs and budget, controls can be as simple as a wall mounted volume control to hand held universal programmable remote controls to programmable touch screens.

Diversified Systems looks forward to working with you to design a whole home audio system that works for you regardless of your taste or budget!

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 Speaker Selection:   Amplifier Selection  Controller Selection
  • In wall or ceiling
    4” , 6” , 8” Round or Rectangular
  • In cabinet 6” or 8”
  • In Wall Subwoofer 2 x 8”
  • In Cabinet Subwoofer
    Dual or Single 8” High Output
  • Deck Speakers
  • Rock Speaker
  • Single Zone
    2 x 40 watts, 2 x 100 watts
  • Multi Zone
    2 x 100 watts
  • Wall Mounted Volume Control
  • Wall Mounted Keypad
  • Wall Mounted Touch Screen
  • Handheld Universal Remote
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