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Wiring infrastructure has taken on even greater importance as technology continues to advance. As the wiring foundation for communications, security, entertainment and controls that work with your lighting and HVAC systems, planning for the future is essential to each project. A properly wired home should anticipate both the potential needs of the home owner and also the technology that is emerging.


High performance cabling is essential to the proper distribution of audio, video, phones, computers, HVAC controls, lighting controls, security systems, access controls, CCTV camera systems, internet, high definition TVtransmissions and more. Even with the significant improvements in wireless products, structured wiring is still the choice for the properly prepared and future proof home.


Technology moves fast and we find ourselves using products today that just a few years ago were not even considered. Although it is impossible to completely future proof your project, Diversified Systems structured wiring  makes your project technology ready for the integrated solutions that make a significant difference to your buyer or owner. Call or Contact us today for more details.




Structured Wiring Components

Distribution Wiring Panel terminates all of the service provider services such as telephone, cable tv, internet, security and distributes those signals to location throughout the house. Audio/ Video/Security camera sources can also be distributed throughout the house. Lighting and HVAC controls can also be distributed. High Performance Wire and Cablingis run from each room location to the distribution wiring panel. Cable runs are also made to signal sources such as cameras, motion detectors and audio/ video components. Whether you are pre-wiring for a new project, remodeling or seeking improved performance, Diversified has the right cables for your application. Multi Media Outlets provide you the convenience of plug and play with the selection of the proper port for your needs. Located in correctly planned and installed location you will have access to all of your technology needs. Available outlets include multi media, 1 or 2 line phone ports, standard cable, computer or combination ports.
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