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Diversified Systems is proud to introduce solar green power as a new addition to our product lineup! Our solar energy solutions are cutting edge! We look forward to working with builders and businesses to evaluate their energy needs and provide a appropriate energy renewable solution that works! We want our clients to fully understand the energy benefits and financial incentives in selecting renewable solar energy. Our system offerings include:

Electricity: Solar Photovoltaic (PV)

Heat and hot water: Solar thermal

Our sales process begins with needs analysis that we transform into a evaluation of the energy use and a financial qualification to determine the cost impact to the end user. With this phase completed and understood we work closely with you to determine the appropriate system, its handling system design, financing qualifications, operation, installation and maintenance.

Whether you are simply in the planning stages or have made up your mind and are ready to proceed, Diversified Systems is ready to assist you with the right solar energy solution!

New Jersey Offer Outstanding Incentives To Go Green With Solar Power

  • Reduce your electric bills by over 50%
  • Protect the environment with green clean energy.
  • Reduce or eliminate repair and replacement cost with
    average life of 25 years.
  • Provides you with energy power independence.
  • Immediately increase your property value
  • New technology offers improved appearance.


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