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Home Theater and Media Rooms Minimize

As technology continues to be more and more user friendly most home buyers are looking for more and more technology. There has been no greater area of growth than with dedicated home theater or media rooms. They have become a focal point of many homes... large or small!


The wow factor can not be overlooked when designing a home that includes an area that truly replicates the theater environment. There are however significant differences between a properly designed home theater and your clients neighborhood theater. Your clients home theater can have even higher picture quality, incredible surround sound, lighting and shade controls, integrated connection into the homes phone, CCTV or door entry system and allow for viewing of television signals from your cable or satellite provider, computer internet programming or game playing with today’s high tech gaming systems.


There are very few design features that will attract support from all members of your home building family. For the home design or builder concerned with meeting the desire of the entire family in an way that very well may separate your design from the competitions a home theater room should be high on your list of available options.


Call or contact us today to discuss how Diversified can help you select a complete home theater system that wows all potential buyers.

Suggested Home Theater Applications include: Minimize
  • Custom Designed Dedicated Media Rooms
  • Contoured to your existing living space.
  • Add to your community clubhouse or meeting center.
  • Be sure to include one in your next model home!
Why Diversified? Minimize

Once again the word integration has significant meaning when it comes to designing a home theater system that maximizes the potential of today’s useable technologies. Recent advancements have allowed for multi media availability and home system options that a few years ago were not possible.

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