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Todays homebuyer is looking more than ever for immediate energy savings. The cost of heating, cooling, dehumidifying and ventilating a home makes it a great starting point to add long term value to your property. Diversified Systems offers several options that can result in a energy savings of approximately 33%. Yearly savings, with added system control and flexibility are certainly features that will attract the interest of the potential buyers.

Diversified Systems offers various levels of automation pending the system selected. It also allows for the seamless integration of several low voltage systems including security, fire, cctv, lighting and more! Call today before you design or build your next project and find out how Diversified can help make your project more energy efficient and meet the needs of today discriminating home buyers!

  • Up to 33% Energy Savings
  • Control temperature, humidity, dehumidification and ventilation
  • Security System integration
  • User friendly automatic settings
  • Remote Internet Access
  • Multiple Location Use
  • Emergency Shutdown
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