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The key to any fire protection system is the design. Diversified Systems experienced, licensed and highly trained designers have worked with architects, builders and fire officials to design successful protection systems for businesses, homes and multi family dwellings for over twenty years. Our system designs are specific to the type of business, building size, the use and occupancy as well as local codes and requirements. Our systems interface with elevators, air handling, electrical and other required building processes. Our experience has resulted in improved system effectiveness, reduced cost of installation, reduced maintenance and ease of coordination with other trades.

On your next project be certain to call Diversified to for complete support...from design to installation, to monitoring to maintenance!


Why Diversified?

Our years of experience and knowledge provide you a tremendous advantage. But that’s just the first part of the answer. Most are seeking the greatest degree of protection available and that level of safety is best achieved through the integration of all your systems; alarm, fire, cctv and access controls. Diversified can properly integrate your entire system to provide to highest level of protection possible.

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